Starting in April 1, 2021 CREA will be tightening enforcement of the REALTOR Code, specifically the below articles. While RECO will still address complaints, RECO is encouraging Associations to handle violations between members on a local level.

  • Article 13 Advertising – Content/Accuracy

  • Article 14 Advertising Listings of Other REALTORS®

  • Article 15 Advertising Claims

  • Article 16 Discrimination 

  • Article 19 Discrediting another Registrant 

  • Article 21 Conduct Unbecoming 

  • Article 29 REALTOR® Acting as Principal  

  • Article 27 CREA Trademarks


Because of our continued commitment to professionalism within our Association and across our membership, PKAR has put in place a new complaint mechanism for our members. If you witness an infraction you may now submit an incident report to PKAR if it is related to a PKAR member. If the infraction is related to a non PKAR member the infraction can be sent to ITSO, ITSO will address all non-PKAR REALTOR violations.


Please use the PKAR Incident Report Form for complaints against another PKAR member and send to: Click here to find the PKAR Incident Report Form. 


Please use the ITSO Incident Report Form for complains against a REALTOR who is NOT a PKAR member and send to:  Click here to find the ITSO Incident Report Form


Once the incident report is received the proper Professional Standards and Discipline steps will be taken.


If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to Christine Ball our CEO, Brenda Adams our Compliance Coordinator or Jon Maxwell PKAR President.